Purpose of the document

The purpose of this user manual is to provide a comprehensive guide for understanding and utilizing the Vendor Portal module.

e-Procurement is a South African application to computerise the supply chain management processes within the rules of the PFMA, MFMA and associated regulations. The solution consists of modules for vendor registration, vendor compliance, purchasing using 3 quotes, and limited tender and full tender process.

Vendor compliance is supported by automatic integration to National Treasury’s Central Supplier Database with auditing and analysis are built into the application.

This manual includes a description of the system functions and capabilities, and step-by-step procedures for system access and use. Graphics and screenshots are included.

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How to access the Vendor Portal

Type in the address https://vendorportal.buffalocity.gov.za/

Address Bar: Type in the address on the URL or web address field to access the vendor portal.

The Landing Page of the Vendor Portal

The supplier is welcomed and can access information on how to register as a supplier via quick links.

Searching as a non-registered user

A supplier can also access a search function as a non-registered participant.

Search: Click on ‘Search’ field and type the company name you would like to search

The search results of the component “PR” finds the following information, which you can select from

Data that is available on hand is

• Supplier name

• Company registration number

• Vendor number

• BBBEE code based on their submitted certificate

• National Treasury’s Central Supplier Database (CSD) assigned number  The status of the supplier

User registration on the BCMM Portal (Vendor process flow)

Steps for registering a Use

1. On the landing page, click “Register”

2. Complete the registration form

The password must be seven characters in length, contain two special characters: example: P@ssword#123

3. Click the check box next to Security, which reads, “I’m not a robot”

4. Read the instructions displayed once you click on the small box next to security. Select the images appearing as per the instruction.


Click skip to try another security question, followed by Next or Verify. Note that the next will reflect in place of Veriy if questions were not answered correctly.

If successful the security question will be ticked with a green mark.

5. Click on “Register”, upon that the Vendor Portal will send you a verification email. On the email-received click, the link provided to verify your account. If you do not do this, you will NOT be able to login to the Vendor Portal.

6. Click on the link on your email

Upon verifying your account, you will then have access to the pages of the Vendor Portal that an un-registered user does not have, i.e. the Welcome, Tenders, Supplier and User profile page.

How to log in

From the Welcome or landing page of Vendor portal, please Click “Login” at the top right corner, as illustrated below:

Enter Username and password then “click” on login.

Resetting password

On click “Reset Password” and provide the username as shown below

Click “Send Reset Link”

Click “Close”. Follow the link on the email received, and capture the new password, then click “Change Password”.

Steps for registering a supplier

Before you register on the Vendor Portal, a supplier must have registered with National Treasury on their CSD database. CSD website:https://secure.csd.gov.za/. Suppliers who have done this CSD registration will link their CSD number to their data in the Vendor Portal where it will update.

The supplier will register and access the BCMM vendor portal to register their business, or import their supplier information to Solar system.

• Login to user account;

• Read the Home page to find out the benefits of being an BCMM supplier;

The process the supplier follows to register is shown in page 12;

Vendor Portal Registration Process Flow

How to register a Supplier

From the Tabs on the home page click Supplier or hover your cursor to Supplier Tab, and select “Register as a supplier”

Read and accept the declarations by checking the button, and then click accept button. If you reject the Declaration, the Vendor Portal will then redirect you to the Home page and you will not be able to register a supplier;

From the register a supplier window provide the CSD identifiers as shown below:

Click “Register” to import the supplier profile from the CSD to the BCM vendor portal. The message will be displayed as confirmation to the successful registration/ import.

From click “Suppliers” then select “Edit Existing suppliers”

To edit the supplier information go to “Click here to Open”, which will allow you to edit

The window below shows all the Tabs to complete when editing the supplier, information Imported will not be allowed to be edited, therefore will be greyed out.

The Messages section: Displays communication pertaining the supplier’s registration between the supplier and the back office.

The CSD Status section: All should be on pass on CSD Status. If not, please contact the CSD helpline

Company Information: Displays information about your company such as sSpplier name, Supplier registration number, CSD number, and the BBEE rating score.

To edit the company BBBEE level please follow the instructions below. Start by clicking on the drop down arrow next to the BBBEE rating field.

After selecting the appropriate BBBEE rating score, click on “Save and Next” to keep the changes made.

Banking details

Ensure your banking details appear as they are on CSD. If they don’t appear kindly contact CSD Support for assistance. In addition, if the banking verification fails on CSD they will not appear on the Vendor Portal. If the status of banking details is still on “pending” on CSD, your banking details will not appear on the Vendor Portal.

Click “Save and Next” to continue

Contact Details

Click “Save and Next” to continue. Contact details can be added at the CSD then imported to Vendor portal by clicking on refresh data from CSD

Additional Information

It is required by the Buffalo City Municipality to disclose the below information about the supplier information. Read and answer the additional questions below

When complete, click “Save and Next” at the bottom of the page to continue.

Owners/Directors/Proxy Information

The shares must be divided amongst the owners or directors of the company to be able to continue with registration. To edit the information click the text that reads, “Click here to Edit” to be able to complete the shareholder or director information.

The window below shows the details of the selected director/ owner.

After you have edited the information and added the shareholding percentage and click “Save”, and click “Save and Next”.


Select a maximum of four commodities or services the company provides.

When complete, click “Save and Next” at the bottom of the page to continue.


1. Select the BEE Certificate by clicking “Choose File”, navigate to the BBE file select it and click open.

2. Click the Expiry Date field, from the pop-up calendar select the appropriate expiry date.

3. Click “Upload Attachment(s)” to complete adding the BEE attachment.

4. Click “Save and Next” at the bottom of the page to continue.


Please double check if all the tasks have been completed, if not the portal will not allow submission of your application.

Once all the information has been completed, all the tasks under “completed tasks” will be marked complete with a tick. Select the staff member that who assisted with the application from the drop down, next to “Who assisted you”. After selecting who assisted you click “I Confirm” box, and click Submit.

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Click Submit to send your query.

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