How to Register Supplier Details

·         First read the home page to find out if you qualify to be a BCMM supplier.

·         Click “Suppliers”

·         Click “Register as a Supplier”

·         There will be a one-time-password allocated to your company based on the company registration. Please enter the number to verify your authenticity.

·         After reading the enterprise declaration affidavit notes, you can Click “Agree” if you want to continue with the registration or you can Click “Disagree” to end the registration.

·         Complete the forms

·         After completing each page, make sure you Click “Save & Next”

·         It is possible to save an application and not submit it so that you can resume editing or adding attachments to the application.  When you want to resume your supplier registration, click the supplier name of the supplier.

·         Before you submit your registration the status of your registration will be 'Capture In Progress'.

·         A single user can register multiple suppliers.

·         When you complete your registration, you will be able to access the submit page.

·         Now you can Click “Submit”

·         After submitting, the status of the registration will be 'Submitted for Approval'.

·         BCMM will contact you when the registration has been checked and approved.