Dear Valued Supplier


In compliance with the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA), No 56 of 2003, Regulation 14 (1) a, Buffalo City Municipal Municipality hereby invites existing and prospective suppliers of goods and services to apply to be registered on its supplier database via National Treasury’s Centralised Supplier Database. The unique number given to the supplier will then be entered into the City’s new Vendor Portal. Suppliers who have currently registered with the CSD are also required to check their data and update their records via the new Vendor Portal. 


Continuing our initiative to provide a seamless and prompt service engagement with our suppliers, we have introduced a vendor portal where current and potential vendors may register and keep their documentation updated. We request that each of our existing suppliers register on our portal. A user guide can be accessed on the website and support is available at the numbers below during business hours.


Compliance in registering your company via this portal results in the following benefits:

· Transfer of all data captured by the supplier on National Treasury’s Centralised Supplier Database ensuring efficient and fair rotation when RFQ’s are required;

· Categorisation of purchasing offered by the supplier in order to receive emailed communication regarding opportunities;

· Online view of request for tender information opportunities that are available at eThekwini; and

· Update of contracts and opportunities that have been awarded and the ability to lodge queries regarding these awards.


Support contacts:


043 705 9267

043 705 9139

043 705 9262